Urjavaran - ISHRAE’s annual initiative towards Buildings Engineering Services is based on various topics from Smart Homes, HVAC&R, Electricals, Fire & Safety, Building Automation & far reaching to High-performance Glass, Energy-efficient lightings, Water-treatment products.

116 Technical presentations and 70 Partner presentations were organized at the conferences at 14 locations across India in 2016-17 with approx. 2000 delegates. It was an event wherein we went all out to share knowledge and ideas of the HVAC industry with all those associated, directly or indirectly....

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  • Basics of Green Building
  • Noise Pollution - Sources & Dampening
  • Understanding Air we breathe
  • Energy efficient - District cooling in Smart cities
  • Radiant cooling / Geothermal cooling
  • Tidal Energy
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Smart Homes : A reality or myth
  • Energy efficiency - A paradigm shift from equipment efficiency to an innovative strategy
  • Building Orientation as per Sun Path & Shadow Analysis
  • Solar Air conditioning.
  • Health Impact of Indoor Air Quality
  • Fire Safety in Buildings
  • Update on NBC & ECBC
  • Fire Engineering a Tall Hopsital Building : A Performance Based Approach
  • Motivational Topics - The power house within / Unleashing unlimited energy


Urjavaran 2016-17 was our first national level program hosted by Coimbatore.Initially we had a bit doubt to get 70 participants but our program was packed with 100+ participants from various industries and we got good sponsors for the event.The program was very informative and the feedback from the participants are good which leads us to host the Urjavaran 2017-18.


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